SPIN ESR 1.2: Distributed acoustic sensing for natural hazard assessment

Name: Sebastian Noe drawing

Institution: ETH Zürich

Email: sebastian.noe@erdw.ethz.ch


My name is Sebastian and I am a PhD-student at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Zurich in the Seismology and Wave Physics Group. My research interests encompass seismic simulations, theoretical aspects of inverse theory as well as newly emerging sensing technologies such as distributed acoustic sensing. Geophysics in general has always been particularly appealing to me because we somehow manage to describe the great outdoors with codes and numbers – except when we cannot. In my free, you can probably find me either hiking or skiing in the mountains.


S Noe, S Yuan, J-P Montagner, H Igel, Anisotropic elastic parameter estimation from multicomponent ground-motion observations: a theoretical study, Geophysical Journal International, Volume 229, Issue 2, May 2022, Pages 1462–1473, https://doi.org/10.1093/gji/ggac006

Research progress

These are synthetics for an earthquake close to Mulhouse at a minimum period of 5 seconds for a 110 km long optical fiber between Basel and Bern. Simulations like these pave the way towards full-waveform inversion with distributed acoustic sensing.