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SPIN Workshop 2 - Physics & dynamic processes

Carcans, near Bordeaux, France
22-28 May, 2022

SPIN WS2 location: Bordeaux!


May 22nd: arrival (shuttle times below)
May 23rd - May 27: workshop program
May 28th: departure

Scientific Program

We will have an exciting scientific program, with lectures by experts in the field, and with ample time for in-person discussions! A preliminary schedule can be found here.

The main focus of this workshop will be on the monitoring and understanding of the time-dependent behavior of the Earth’s crustal materials. It will include contributions on the theoretical background to nonclassical nonlinear elasticity. In addition to the scientific focus, training in transferable skills will also be offered.

We will cover four main topics:

  • The Earth’s elastic wavefield (seismic interferometry, wave scattering, ambient seismic noise generation)
  • Nonlinear and time dependent elasticity (experimental evidence from laboratory)
  • Field observations of changing elasticity (volcanoes, fault zones, mountains, hydrology shaking, stress changes, …)
  • Modeling non-classical elastic behavior (velocity changes, hysteresis, recovery, …)

Confirmed speakers include:

There will be the opportunity for participants to present their work, either in short talks or as a poster. During (pre-)registration, you will be able to provide a title or description of the research you would like to present.

You planned to attend EGU?
We are aware that EGU has shifted their “new” dates to overlap with the SPIN workshop. In order to accommodate participants who have submitted an abstract to EGU and wish to give their presentation, we will provide a separate room with good internet connection, where you can retreat to give your EGU presentation in online format.
We are considering the option of integrating some of the relevant EGU sessions into the workshop program, either leaving space in the program or by “attending” a session together.

Location and Venue

SPIN WS2 venue

The workshop will take place near Bordeaux, along the South Atlantic coast of France. More specifically, the venue is located in Carcans, right between the ocean and a lovely lake:

The venue is the ‘Cévéo Village Vacances’, located in the Landes pine forest, on the edge of the lake.
Transfer to and from Bordeaux Train station and Bordeaux Airport (Merignac, BOD) will be arranged. At the moment, we are aiming for at least one bus departure at the following times on May 22nd:

  • 17:30 from Bordeaux St.-Jean Train station
  • 18:00 from Bordeaux Merignac (BOD) Airport

For departure on May 28th, we aim for a bus transfer from the venue which arrives:

  • 10:00 at Bordeaux Merignac (BOD) Airport
  • 10:30 at Bordeaux St.-Jean Train station.

More bus transfer times will be added, depending on arrival times of particpants. However, if you can organize your travel to to correspond to one of the ‘main’ bus transfer times, it facilitates things on our end!

To limit the carbon footprint of the meeting, we encourage you to travel by train if possible. For reference, some train connections are listed:

  • Trains arrive from Paris/Zürich - every hour:17
  • from Grenoble - uneven hour:32
  • from Hamburg/ Berlin - 17:17, 19:17

Excursion and activities

SPIN WS2 excursion: Dune de Pilat

There will be a half-day excursion on Tuesday 24.05, to visit and climb the highest Sand dune in Europe. Afterwards, there will be some time on the Atlantic beach. Bring good walking shoes, your swim suit, and don’t forget your towel!

We will also keep some time free in the program to allow for bike rides, strolls through the Landes pine forest, visits to the (lake or ocean) beach, ..

There will be some musical activities during the workshop as well, so if you play an instrument that is halfway portable, please bring it along!

And of course, it would not be a workshop in France without a delicious gala dinner!


SPIN WS2 location: Bordeaux!

During the SPIN workshop, you will stay at the Ceveo Village de Vacances Carcans. The prices for the freshly renovated rooms are as follows:

  • Single room: 551 € per person for the whole stay.
  • Shared double room: 473 € per person for the whole stay.

Accommodation is full-board, so including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will have to be payed together with the registration fee, before the workshop. Rooms will be assigned by us after registration.


The registration fee will be determined when pre-registration is complete, but it will be around 150 €, likely less, and in no case more than 200 €, per participant for the whole meeting. The registration fees can be payed via credit card, via a secure online payment system. After registration, you will receive an email with payment information.

Would you like to attend the workshop?
Please fill in the pre-registration survey by April 1st, 2022.

If you are interested in further SPIN activities, please subscribe to the mailing list here.

Please note that the capacity of the venue in Carcans is limited, and we prioritize participation by researchers who are actively involved in the SPIN project. Therefore we ask you to submit a short statement of your motivation for participation in the workshop as well as your research interests. We will let you know by April 5th whether your registration has been accepted.

Covid regulations

You can find up to date information about the French Covid regulations here.

Note that we require all participants to perform a lateral flow test before traveling to the venue. If that test is positive, please contact us, so that we can cancel your participation. We will provide further lateral flow tests to perform during the workshop at regular intervals.

Please be prepared to bring sufficient FFP2/KN95-grade masks to wear when entering and leaving the venue, the restaurant, etc. and potentially even during the workshop. Details will be provided prior to the workshop depending on the course of the pandemic. You will also need to wear masks in most public spaces in France (public transport, shops, etc).

We are committed to organizing this meeting in-person, but of course we are subject to the evolution of the Covid pandemic. You are probably aware that there is always a risk of cancellation, but we are very hopeful that the situation in May 2022 will be such that the workshop can take place.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your participation please inform as soon as possible. The refund of your accommodation and registration fee is handled as follows

  • until April 22, 2022: 90 % refund
  • until May 01, 2022: 70 % refund
  • until May 14, 2022: 50 % refund
  • after May 15, 2022: no refund

If the whole workshop needs to be canceled due to Covid-19, we will refund your paid accommodation and registration costs 100%.


In case of questions or for clarifications, please contact