SPIN Workshop 4 - “New hazard monitoring strategies”

Disentis, Switzerland
11-16 May, 2024

SPIN WS4 location: Disentis!

Scientific Program

The fourth SPIN workshop is centered around the theme „New hazard monitoring strategies in Earth Sciences and beyond“. We will discuss the impact of the SPIN developments on specific applications in the fields of natural hazards at national observatories, exploration seismics, engineering, and beyond, and address questions like how can SPIN research contribute to new hazard monitoring strategies?

The program includes presentations on scientific advancements, industry practices, and policy questions followed by group and panel discussions to examine the challenges and opportunities of natural hazard monitoring and mitigation that we expect for the next 5 to 10 years.

Confirmed speakers are: Malgorzata Chmiel (Geoazur) Marine Denolle (UW), Eric Larose (ISTerre Grenoble), Laurent Marescot (RMS), and Yves Bonanomi (BONANOMI-GÜBELI AG) and all the SPIN PhD candidates!


  • Saturday May 11th: Arrival
  • May 12th - May 16th: Workshop program
  • May 16th: Departure

A preliminary schedule can be found here: prelimschedule

Location and Venue

The workshop will take place south of Zurich, in the Alps. The venue is located in Disentis: Catrina Experience Resort. It is a modern resort in the middle of the Swiss Alps.


Travel to Zurich and Disentis

To limit the carbon footprint of the meeting, we encourage you to travel by train if possible!

Zurich main station (Zurich HB) is well connected to other big European cities by day- and night-trains.
There is a daily night train from Berlin (leaving: 21:01) to Zurich (arriving at 9:05)
The daily night train from Hamburg (leaving 21:52) arrives at 10:05 in Zurich
Every day, 5 direct trains from Paris arrive at Zurich HB
A great website to find information on train (and ferry) connections from almost anywhere in Europe is https://www.seat61.com/.

The closest train station to Catrina Experience Resort is Acla da Fontauna.

If you arrive at Zurich Airport, there are direct trains to Zurich HB every ~10 min.

From Zurich HB an hourly train IC3 leaves for Chur (every hour:38). In Chur, you must take the train RE7 to Disentis/Mustér, where you change to a regional train R45 to Acla da Fontauna. The resort is within 8 min walking distance from the Acla da Fontauna train station. Please find an example connection for the 11th of May below. More connections can be found on sbb.ch.

Zurich-Disentis (SBB)

Excursion and activities

During the workshop, an excursion to the Rheinschlucht will be offered. The Rheinschlucht is one of Switzerland’s most impressive natural reserves. The 13 km-long canyon is often advertised as the “Swiss Grand Canyon”. The area around the borders of the Rheinschlucht are showing various landscapes. You’ll find everything from steep mountain slopes to wide flood plains.


You will have some free time during the course. If you plan to explore the region during that time (or before/after the workshop), here is a link to some possible activities, such as finding crystals, visiting a monastery, or climbing: activities


During the SPIN Workshop, you will stay in the hotel rooms in the conference venue. You do not need to reserve the rooms yourself, this will be part of the registration process.
Accommodation is all full board (the price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and both lunch and dinner will be vegetarian for everybody to reduce the climate impact of the event. There will be an option to share a twin room or have a room to yourself.

You have the following accommodation options:

Single room occupancy apartment full board (the price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner) CHF 950.00
Double room occupancy apartment full board (the price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner) CHF 700.00
Single room hostel full board (the price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner) CHF 545.00
Double room hostel full board (the price includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner) CHF 397.50

Each participant must pay for the accommodation after the workshop on-site by credit card. Please check with your bank that the price does not exceed your credit card limit.

The registration fee for the workshop is CHF 110.00.


We welcome participants from outside the SPIN network!
Registration will open in January 2024. Note that the number of places for the workshop is limited, and will preferentially go to Early-Career Researchers (PhD or early Postdoc) who can provide a convincing motivation for participation. If you are selected for the short course happening before the workshop, you will also have priority for participation in the workshop if you pre-register for both.

Would you like to attend the workshop?
If you would like to keep up to date on SPIN activities and future training events, please subscribe to the SPIN-info mailing list here. Registration information will be communicated on this mailing list.


In case of questions or for clarifications, please contact SPIN-management@uni-hamburg.de.