SPIN ESR 4.4: Distributed Acoustic Sensing and Volcano-seismology

Host institution: GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam drawing


main supervisor: Philippe Jousset (GFZ, D)
co-supervisor: Charlotte Krawczyk (GFZ, D)

This position is filled

Project description

Research in volcanology focuses on the understanding of complex volcanic processes and their relationship with volcanic phenomena and the volcanic structures. Explosive activity at active volcanoes produces acoustic waves in the atmosphere, seismic waves in the subsurface and permanent deformation. In the heterogeneous volcanic edifice the seismo-acoustic frequencies document particularly the complex ground mechanical behaviour. Using a set of multiparametric dataset acquired Etna volcano (Italy), including infrasound, seismic and fibre optic cable Distributed Acoustic Sensing data, we will understand better the structural and dynamic nature of the seismo-acoustic wavefield. Within SPIN, the ESR will analyse and attempt to model the complex behaviour of rock response with this unprecedented dense spatial information. This may possibly lead us towards understanding of non-linear processes in the ground. The results will be aided with laboratory observations and may improve time dependent assessment of natural hazards related to material failure and ground response.