SPIN ESR 4.2: Nonlinear seismology meets structural health monitoring

Name: Marco Dominguez-Bureos drawing

Institution: University of Hamburg (UHH)

Email: marco.dominguez.bureos@uni-hamburg.de


My name is Marco Dominguez-Bureos, I was born in Mexico but am currently based in Hamburg, Germany where I am working on my Ph.D. degree in the Seismology group at the University of Hamburg, Institute of Geophysics. I obtained my bachelor’s degree at the National Polytechnic institute of Mexico (IPN) in Geophysical Engineering. I hold a Master’s degree in earth sciences oriented to seismology issued by the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at B.C. Mexico (CICESE). After working in the Earthquake engineering area at the UNAM Institute of Engineering, and getting experience in numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation in complex media, I focused my research interest on the development of wavefield-based techniques at different scales (material and structural scales) to unveil damage in civil structures. During my free time, I enjoy learning new skills and practicing activities such as hiking, calisthenics, and dancing Latin rhythms.


Research progress

In the initial stage of this project, the study of the time-dependent elastic properties of civil structures is carried out under controlled conditions (i.e. mechanical and thermal stresses), and the BLEIB structure at BAM is a suitable place to perform experiments using cutting-edge sensors in close collaboration with scientists there. With sensors working at different band frequencies, we are able to measure the dynamical properties of this reference structure at different scales under different stress conditions.