SPIN Research output

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Mirko Bracale, Michel Campillo, and Helle Pedersen github Novel array processing approach
Le Tang and Heiner Igel github Open source processing toolbox
Sebastian Noe and Andreas Fichtner Workflow for fiber- optic ground motion monitoring
Declan Andrew and Andrew Curtis github Nonlinear wave propagation code
Manuel Asnar and Christoph Sens-Schönfelder Physical model for material response
Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Manuel Asnar, and Zihua Niu Empirical description of materials under dynamic strain
Foteini Dervisi, Margarita Segou, Brian Baptie, Ian Main and Andrew Curtis Hybrid model for triggered seismicity in critical systems
Julius Grimm and Piero Poli github Novel algorithm to detect hidden signals
Dominik Strutz and Andrew Curtis github Open source code for irrogation theory
Mahsa Safarkhani, Schippkus, Sven, and Céline Hadziioannou Database of multi- observable noise sources
Marco Dominguez-Bureos and Céline Hadziioannou Dataset for transient material changes
Eleanor Dunn and Chris Bean Catalogue of Volcano Seismicity
Tjeerd Kiers and Cedric Schmelzbach Alpine permafrost monitoring tool box