SPIN ESR 2.1: Rock Mechanics and Seismology

Name: Manuel Asnar drawing

Institution: GFZ (GeoForschungszentrum) Helmholtz Centre Potsdam

Email: masnar@gfz-potsdam.de


After having studied engineering in France, specifically computational solid mechanics, I first went into geosciences for my master’s thesis, which I did at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris under the supervision of Prof. Nobuaki Fuji. I then joined the SPIN network, and specifically the GeoForschungsZentrum in Potsdam, to work on experimental rock physics and investigate the time-dependent elastic properties of rocks.

More precisely, I am investigating the effects of effective pressure and fluid saturation on the relaxation processes that occur in rocks after earthquakes or any other kind of mechanical perturbation. I do this by using wavespeed monitoring techniques such as coda wave interferometry.

Here’s also a link to my personal GFZ webpage.


Research progress