SPIN ESR 2.3: Next-Generation Physics-based earthquake forecasts

Name: Foteini Dervisi drawing

Institution: British Geological Survey (BGS)

Email: fdervisi@bgs.ac.uk


My name is Foteini (pronounced Fotiní) and I’m from Thessaloniki, Greece. I graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with an integrated master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and I also hold a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics from the University of Macedonia. After conducting research in wireless communications, non-intrusive load monitoring and machine learning both in academic and industry environments, I joined the SPIN ITN in October 2022 as an early-stage researcher at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh and a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. My PhD project concerns the development of machine learning based earthquake monitoring and forecasting workflows. I am excited to embark on this PhD project as it is a project at the intersection of machine learning, which is my area of expertise, and geosciences, which is a field that I am keen to delve into. During my free time I enjoy going for walks, playing tennis, cooking and reading.


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Research progress